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Our inspiring line-up of speakers from leading brands and agencies will help you learn how to: 

  • Measuring the true ROI of your social media programs
  • Why social is central to post-Covid marketing strategies
  • How marketers need to adapt after 2020 changed everything
  • Turning social data into high-value business insight
  • Content marketing tips from LinkedIn’s editorial experts
  • Why Groups are the future of Facebook community building
  • Driving meaningful engagement—not only likes—with your audience
  • Transforming your Instagram strategy into a lead machine
  • …. and more!

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Neal Schaffer

Educator, Author, and Social Media Expert

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

Jenn Herman

Instagram Expert

Carmen Collins

Employee/Employer Brand & Social Media Lead

Callie Schweitzer

Senior News Editor, Marketing at LinkedIn News

Tammy Luke

Senior Social Media Researcher at IBM

Weronika Sobolak

Global Solutions Partner at Facebook

Paul Bowes

Sr. Alliance Manager - Developer & Enterprise Solutions at Twitter

Davitha Ghiassi

EVP, Social & Integration at Red Havas US

Leo Morejon

Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing at Applegate

Speaker 210x210-Paul.png

Danny Gardner

Social Intelligence Lead, US Digital Analytics at GlaxoSmithKline

Chris Caro

Senior Product Specialist at Meltwater


Neal Schaffer
Oct 6th at 1:10 pm (ET)

It’s Time to Reset How You Measure Social Media ROI

In the current coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that social media has become one of the few strategic ways in which companies can communicate with the digital customer of today. While companies have invested in their social media presence for years, many have struggled to find satisfactory ROI from their efforts. The problem with how companies currently measure social media ROI is often based on a traditional digital marketing approach to measuring what is easily measured. To achieve true social media ROI, a mindset shift into the unique value that social media provides companies is necessary to capitalize on the opportunities that go unnoticed by most companies. From sourcing a never-ending supply of content to developing relationships with an unlimited number of potential brand ambassadors, the opportunities for social media ROI are plentiful once we reset both what and how we measure it.

Weronika Sobolak
Oct 6th at 1:40 pm (ET)

Marketing Strategies for Success Across Facebook's Family of Apps

Facebook has become a critical marketing channel for many brands, but are you making the most of it? In this session you’ll learn some strategies and best practices for marketing on Facebook, from the people who know the platform best, along with big brand case studies to show you how others have succeeded.

Jenn Herman
Oct 6th at 2:30 pm (ET)

Make Instagram Work Better for Brands

In this session you'll discover how Instagram sorts and prioritizes content while also learning actionable ways you can use this information to create content that gets more engagement and drives more conversions. Jenn will break down the confusion of the Instagram algorithm into easy-to-understand concepts, making it practical for you to plan out your own Instagram content. You'll learn the exact tactics to use in your Instagram strategy to create better feed posts, how to write captions that drive better conversions, and how to use hashtags strategically to attract more targeted followers.  

Leo Morejon
Oct 6th at 3:00 pm (ET)

Social Listening as a Business Tool

Learn how social media listening can impact much more than just social media, leading growth in other areas of your business, from sales to product development and more.

Chris Caro
Oct 6th at 3:40 pm (ET)

Why Brands Need to Listen to Podcasts

Podcasting has been phenomenally successful over recent years, with more than half of all Americans now listening to them on a regular basis, and some boasting audiences even larger than prime-time TV shows. In this session you’ll learn what this means for brands, and how you can make sure you always know when your organization gets mentioned on a podcast.

Tammy Luke
Oct 13th at 1:40 pm (ET)

Social Media Insights: A Fantasy Football Case Study

As the technology partner behind ESPN’s Fantasy Football game, IBM needed to really understand what makes the fans tick. In this session Tammy Luke, a senior social media researcher at IBM, explains how audience insights from social media data gave the company a deep understanding of the different fan segments.

By using advanced social analytics, IBM was able to identify the five key types of Fantasy Football fans, create profiles of their personality types and online behaviors, and to understand what media, brands, and influencers each group has affinities with. Tammy provides a powerful insight into how social data can be used to build detailed pictures of audiences in order to create more focused campaigns.

Ann Handley
Oct 13th at 2:30 pm (ET)

Storytelling in a Chaotic and Unpredictable World

Good storytelling is at the heart of marketing, especially when it comes to social media content. But at such an eventful time in history, when there are so many momentous changes happening in the world, how do you create stories that your audience will actually care about?

In this session content marketing pioneer and founder of MarketingProfs, Ann Handley, shares insightful advice to help you master storytelling in the age of uncertainty. In her presentation Ann explains why a good story is your best social strategy, and what the key elements of a great story are. You’ll also learn how to put this information into action in your own campaigns, with some real examples of brands using great storytelling.

Davitha Ghiassi
Oct 13th at 3:40 pm (ET)

Cultivating Community Through Facebook Groups: 5 Best Practice Principles for Brands

With organic reach on an ongoing decline and Facebook placing increased focus on Groups, there has never been a better time for brands to consider this format. But why exactly should marketers care and what’s in it for brands? During this session, we explore 5 ways in which brands have set their Facebook Groups up for success. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the marketing opportunity Facebook Groups can offer and obtain actionable tips as to how you can use Groups to create meaningful connections with and between your audience.

Carmen Collins
Oct 13th at 4:10 pm (ET)

The Circle of Goodness: Employee-Generated Content

When the @WeAreCisco Employer Branding team set a strategy of employee-generated content (EGC) six years ago, they got more than they bargained for – in a great way! Hear about how EGC has paid dividends beyond the original goals, and how it has stood the test of 2020’s barrage of challenges.

Paul Bowes
at 5:00 pm (PT)

How Twitter Conversations Reveal 2020 Holiday Season Trends

Like the rest of 2020, this year’s Holiday season will be very different, and very difficult to predict. That’s a headache for marketers, trying to plan their end of year campaigns. But what if we could analyze Twitter conversations to predict trends and consumer behaviors? In this video presentation, Twitter’s Paul Bowes digs into the data to discover what we can learn about the coming Holiday season from the millions of user discussions that have taken place on the platform.

In Paul’s session you’ll learn:
  • Why Twitter data can help you make predictions about consumer behavior
  • When do people start talking about Holiday topics?
  • What are the biggest themes within conversations about the Holidays?
Callie Schweitzer
at 5:00 pm (PT)

How Brands Can Build Authentic Communities in 2020

2020 was a year of reckoning for brands. Consumers increasingly expect brands to take a stand on social issues and are vocal when companies do it right and when they do it very, very wrong. This is where building an authentic community comes in. In this masterclass, LinkedIn News’s Senior Editor Callie Schweitzer, who leads the editorial coverage of the marketing industry for the platform’s 700+ million global members, shares the do’s and don’ts of community building in today’s world.

Danny Gardner
at 5:00 pm (PT)

Unleashing Social Intelligence as an In-House Capability

It's imperative for brands to be able to quickly and authentically reach their consumers, especially at a time when there's more noise online than ever before. In this session, you will learn from one of the world's largest consumer healthcare companies about how they've leveraged the power of social intelligence to strengthen their digital marketing arsenal, generate actionable insights for the business, and position themselves as a consumer-centric in-house analytics capability.

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