Meltwater Premium Support

With Premium Support, Meltwater experts help your team get up to speed faster, connecting you to deeper insights and greater value.

Partnering for Faster Time to Value

CMOs face common challenges when implementing solutions to support a data-driven agenda within their PR and Marketing teams.

With Meltwater Premium Support, our team of experts removes these roadblocks, so your team gets up to speed faster and continuously gets maximum value from our solutions.
  • Capability - Ensuring your team has the right skills to make efficient use of our tools, without adding to their workload
  • Governance - Providing unified view of metrics at a global level, while accommodating the regional regulatory and cultural differences in local markets
  • Agility - Creating the ability to anticipate, track and respond to planned and unplanned events across the business
  • Transformation - Making you a catalyst for data-driven transformation across the organization, increasing marketing’s leverage
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What Meltwater Customers Say

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Pernod Ricard

“Meltwater enables our brands, communication, digital teams as well as our consumer insights teams to make the most of social data. They’ve been great at empowering our workforce to deploy their platform globally.”
— Lucy Balbuena - Global Consumer Insight and Social Listening Manager
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Western Union

“Meltwater is the full package. Being able to have the platform and the professional services organization that you can trust is why I enjoy working with them so much.”
— Evan Escobedo - Global Lead - Media Monitoring Analysis and Insights


“My Meltwater account representative has been very responsive. If I didn't have the ability to ask a question, get a quick response from a human, and then possibly discuss how I might need to tweak my setup, I'd be behind very quickly.”
— Becky Sarwate - Head of Communications
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Meltwater Premium Support provides a holistic range of features. Here are just a few ways Premium Support can empower your team:

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