PR Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
At 10.00 AM CET

Webinar: PR Trends and Recommendations

We would like to welcome you to one of the first webinars of the year. For one hour we will talk about PR trends that we think will dominate the year and that are useful for you to keep in mind when planning this year's PR strategy. 

We are delighted to be joined by Matias, founder and CEO of the global PR agency PRLab, one of the top ten PR agencies in Europe. Matias will talk in depth about three trends he believes will dominate 2023. We can already give you a list of them so you know what to expect: 

  • A crucial change in the audience - PR experts must focus on Gen Z - the next generation of consumers. So kick off the year by analyzing this generation's trends, interests, causes, passions, communication channels, etc. It is important to be authentic, however. This generation is susceptible to inauthentic content. Either way, Gen Z is a highly emerging trend in public relations that all PR experts need to turn their eyes to in 2023.
  • Increased use of AI - Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve a company's public relations efforts by providing tools that reach audiences' hearts and minds. The trend of AI technology shows no signs of slowing. Learn more about how you can use AI in your PR work to streamline and leverage the latest technologies. With more companies implementing AI, those who get on board early will have an advantage. 
  • Social Responsibility - People are viewing brands through an increasingly critical lens and are more often making decisions about brand loyalty based on their attitude to social issues. The survey shows that PR professionals and marketers realize that companies must take action on social issues, and shout loudly about doing so.

In addition to the above, both Matias and Frida (Nordic marketing manager, Meltwater) will discuss how to monitor and measure your PR activities to ensure that you are reaching your KPIs. 

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Featured Speakers

Matias Rodsevich

CEO & Founder of PRLab, PRLab
Matias has vast years of PR experience, and is the CEO and founder of PRLab. The agency works with some of the fastest growing tech startups and scale-ups in Europe, US and The Middle East, providing an integrated marketing approach. Not only handling PR for their clients but also branding services to align missions, visions and values, in order to create a compelling story that places these blossoming fast-growing startups in a strong position in the saturated tech market. PRLab also works with corporations and venture capital firms.

Matias also founded the first PR community in the Netherlands and Sweden. The first of its kind, establishing a platform for Marketing and Communication leaders in the tech space to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise with other professionals.

Frida Fors Wallsbeck

Nordic Marketing Manager, Meltwater
Frida has an extensive background in consumer research and brand strategy in both B2C and B2B. Today she is the Nordic Marketing Manager at Meltwater and is passionate about brand & relationship building marketing and values to always work data-driven. 

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