How to Uncover Critical Trends & Consumer Opinions on Twitter

Thursday, September 29, 2022
at 2 PM CET

How to Uncover Consumer Trends & Opinions on Twitter

Every day, consumers engage in millions of conversations on Twitter, sharing their emotions and opinions on their personal experiences, purchases, pop culture, and politics. The big question for brands and marketers is, how can we make sense of this vast amount of data?

Knowing what Twitter audiences are saying about your brand, your competitors, and your industry equips you with key insights you need to drive business impact.

Join us on September 29 at 2 PM CET and hear Joe Rice, Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships at Twitter’s Developer Platform and Imogen Wakefield, Account Executive Team Leader at Meltwater discuss:

  • Why countless brands are prioritizing Twitter
  • The difference between social media monitoring and social listening
  • How businesses are using Twitter insights to ‚Äč‚Äčimprove brand awareness, manage crises, spot trends, and gather audience and competitor intelligence
  • Practical ways to kickstart your social listening strategy
Your customers and competitors are talking. Are you listening?

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Featured Speakers

Joe Rice

Developer Platform Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships, Twitter
Joe is Twitter’s Developer Platform Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships based from their London office. His team helps organizations gain actionable insight from Twitter data and supports the ecosystem of partners that serve brands. Joe’s been in the social world for eleven years working with several social media start-ups prior to joining Twitter.

Past experience includes six years at Cisco working in a variety of sales and business development roles and several years as a consultant, including a stint in international development where he tried to make the world a slightly better place. Joe mainly tweets about economics, politics and satire about economics and politics.

Follow him @josephlrice

Imogen Wakefield

Account Executive Team Lead, Meltwater
Imogen is a driven SaaS leader, with 5+ years of experience in consultancy and implementation of large-scale solutions. Her passion lies in enabling companies to practice data-driven decision-making and problem-solving.