Unlocking Consumer Insights

Thursday 11th of April
09.00-10.00am CET

Join us for an insightful webinar where we discover how to transform data into actionable consumer insights!

In today's dynamic marketplace, understanding your audience is key to staying ahead of the curve. Discover how to leverage data to gain valuable consumer insights and translate them into impactful campaigns and strategic marketing initiatives.

Featured speakers
We are proud to have two customers participating, Kristinna Hjortshøj Pedersen working at Arla's own creative media agency called The Barn and Anders Berg from the communications agency Geelmuyden Kiese. They will guide you through their data-driven consumer insights process and share different use cases. 

Why attend?
In this session you will learn more about: 
  • The importance of consumer insights in today's competitive landscape
  • Strategies and methods for extracting meaningful insights from your data
  • Real-life examples of how leading companies are using consumer insights to drive success
  • Practical tips for implementing consumer-centric approaches in your marketing strategy with the help of analytics and data
Date: Thursday 11th of April 
Time: 09.00-10.00am + Q&A session

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Kristinna Hjortshøj Pedersen

Digital Marketing Analyst | The Barn, Arla
Kristinna work as a Digital Marketing Lead at Arlas media and advertising agency called The Barn. She is the voice of the consumer, and it is her job to unlock all different kinds of digital consumer data, ranging from market data, retail data, sensorial data, psychological studies, and social media data, to create unique insights about our consumers in a food context. These insights serve as the foundations on which they build campaigns and brand strategies.

Anders Berg

Senior Advisor | Geelmuyden Kiese
Anders Berg works as Senior Advisor at Geelmuyden Kiese, a leading Scandinavian communication agency. Anders has a background as Planner in the Advertising industry and is Geelmuyden Kiese´s lead on analytics and insight in the Stockholm office. He is very interested in the possibilities of using analytics as a way of creating more data-driven communication strategies, concepts, and activities. 

Valtteri Färkkilä

Product Specialist | Meltwater
Valtteri has worked for Meltwater for over 10 years, helping companies develop their processes to work data-driven. Today, he works as a product specialist for the Nordic region and helps companies on a daily basis to extract consumer insights to make more strategic marketing decisions.