Mastering Social Media: Strategies for Effective Community Management

Thursday, September 28, 2023
at 10:00 - 11:00 am PST / 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST

How to build an engaged online community

Unlock the secrets to building thriving online communities and achieving deeper social media engagement.

Join Meltwater and top industry thought leader Amanda Powers-Han, Chief Marketing Offer at Greater Than One for an exclusive webinar on the importance of building online communities and driving deep engagement on social media.

We'll be sharing invaluable insights to help you transform your social media strategy, uncover the latest industry trends, foster deep engagement on social media, and master the art of building thriving online communities.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The importance of building online communities 
  • How to foster engagement and transform followers into loyal advocates
  • Learn the art of crafting compelling content 
  • Discover the key metrics and tools to track your social media performance
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Featured Speakers

Amanda Powers-Han

Chief Marketing Officer at Greater Than One

Amanda is an established healthcare marketing and communications leader with 25 years of industry experience.  She has led countless brand launches with a focus in health and wellness, many of which became billion-dollar blockbusters under her leadership. Her work has garnered multiple awards for Greater Than One, including nominations as Vendor of the Year for Eli Lilly and Company, Digital Preferred Vendor for Roche, and dozens of external marketing awards.   Amanda is a well-known thought-leader, speaker, and innovator. 

As Chief Media and Marketing Officer of Greater Than One, Amanda is responsible for overseeing the media practice, leading agency marketing efforts, and collaborating across clients to help create customer experiences that power their brands and business.

Philippa Dods

Marketing Manager, Americas at Meltwater
Philippa Dods is a global marketing leader with experience across both developing and developed markets, working with both startups and corporations. Currently the Field Marketing Manager for the Americas at Meltwater, she oversees the marketing operations for the US, Canada and LATAM. Meltwater empowers companies with a suite of solutions that spans media, social, consumer and sales intelligence. With 27,000 global customers, 50 offices across six continents and 2,300 employees, Meltwater is the industry partner of choice for global brands making an impact.

Philippa is also the co-founder of Women In Tech, an internal initiative at Meltwater to drive progressive female leadership.