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22 May 2017
1:00 PM (AEST) [11:00 AM (HKT/SGT)]

Whether you love standing up in front of an audience, or it strikes fear into your heart; the importance and benefit of presenting well can’t be denied. Whilst you may question the surveys that find people fear public speaking more than death itself, mastering this skill can further your career, give a platform to your opinions and help achieve your personal and corporate goals.

Designed for people who are new to public speaking or who are looking to present to diverse audiences at conferences and seminars. Past speakers from AOL, Bloomberg, Content Marketing Institute, HTC and many more, share their personal presenting advice.

Having worked in universities and conferences for many years; out of 1000s of public speakers, many were good, but few were truly memorable. Asking the audience why these presentations stood out, some interesting trends appear. The very best have shared their secrets and tips to help presenters of all experiences improve their game.

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Featured Speaker:

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Richard Holt

Head of Digital Events

HJ Innoxcell