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22 March 2017
1:00 PM (AEDT) [10:00 AM (HKT/SGT)]

A lot of people view the Chinese business landscape as mysterious.  As nothing is straightforward in China, communications remain highly complex and fragmented. Undoubtedly, there is a varied mix of feedback that reveals the general attitude of ambiguity towards building a brand in China. 

With almost 1.4 billion people spread across 650 cities, China has a vast geography with their own people, dialects, customs, and brand preferences. Treating China as a single market is a flawed concept – a cookie-cutter concept of bucketing all of China into one communications plan is needless to say, ineffective in this fast changing and diversified market. 

This webinar “Demystifying the China Communications Scene” will make sense of these differences, delivering practical information to help you in your day-to-day role. 

Designed for companies of all sizes, including startups, the seminar sets the record straight on what makes the Chinese media tick and how communicators new to the landscape should delve into the communication trenches in China. 

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Featured Speakers:

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Jenny Chan

Vice President Global Business Development

The Hoffman Agency

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Jason Cao

General Manager, China

The Hoffman Agency