Meltwater Digital Summit - PR meets Marketing

Thursday, July 16, 2020
at 11 AM CET / 10 AM BST

Get to Grips with Integrated Media Campaigns

The digital landscape we once knew has changed, and the traditional roles of PR and marketing professionals have been forced to adapt. New challenges require us to constantly adapt and survive in order to thrive in our changing environments. 

This means pooling our resources, broadening our understanding of social and news media and learning to navigate the complexities of modern campaign management.

But, how is this possible when siloed teams are out of touch with one another and creating unnecessary complexities that mean double the output, double the reporting and double the support - thwarting sales efforts and increasing response times?

We’ve invited some of the world’s most respected communications and marketing leaders to bring their exclusive insights to the table.

So join us, and get the tools you need to adapt and evolve to the new, more unified normal.

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Featured Speakers

Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow

EMEA Marketing Director, Hubspot

Javier Meza

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Sparkling, The Coca-Cola Company

Farzana Baduel

CEO, Curzon PR

Katie Evans

CMO, Burger King UK

Musa Kalenga

CEO, Bridge Labs

Ben Smith

Co-Founder, PRMoment

Mike Blake-Crawford

Strategy Director, Social Chain

Lizz Ntonjira

Head of Global Corporate Communications,

Wesley Mathew

Head of Marketing UKI & India,

Chris Sutcliffe

The Drum

Camilla d'Abo

Managing Director,
APCO Worldwide

Brian Mung'ei

Socialight Media

Effie Kanyua

Director of PR & Comms,
Hearst UK

Lebo Madiba

Managing Partner,
PR Powerhouse

Heidi Myers

Head of B2B Marketing,

Philippa Dods

Senior Marketing Manager,

11:00 CET - Philippa Dods, Meltwater - Introduction

11:05 CET - Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow, Hubspot - How to Build a Relatable Brand by Using Brand Ambassadors

11:40 CET - Heidi Myers, Uber - Q&A: The B2B Marketer's Perspective on PR Integration

12:05 CET - Farzana Baduel, Curzon PR - Purposeful Capitalism Driving PR's Integration With Marketing

13:05 CET - Ben Smith, PRMoment / Effie Kanyua, Hearst UK / Katie Evans, Burger King UK / Camilla d'Abo, APCO Worldwide - Has COVID-19 Made PR a Priority Over Marketing

13:45 CET - Wesley Mathew, Meltwater - Consolidation & Consumer Research: Why Media Intelligence Matters

14:20 CET - Musa Kalenga, Bridge Labs - 5 Power Principles When PR & Marketing Collide

15:20 CET - Chris Sutcliffe, The Drum / Mike Blake-Crawford, Social Chain / Lebo Madiba, PR Powerhouse /Brian Mung'ei, Socialight Media - What does PR Integration Mean for Marketers?

16:00 CET - Lizz Ntonjira, AMREF - The Pros of Combining PR and Marketing Campaigns

16:35 CET Javier Meza, The Coca Cola Company - Building a World-Class Brand: Global Consistency and Local Relevance